Emergency Services

Fire Suppression

Fire suppression personnel provide emergency response to a range of fire suppression-related incidents involving structures, wildland areas, vehicles and dumpsters/trash. The Department staffs three engine companies, one ladder truck, three paramedic rescue units and a battalion chief command vehicle to protect the City. A three-platoon/shift configuration with 20 personnel assigned to each shift is utilized in order to provide the community with around-the-clock service.

Emergency Medical Services

The Department provides first responder medical care and transportation services at the basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support (ALS) service levels. All uniformed staff of the Department are certified emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and approximately 75 percent are certified Paramedics. Currently, the Department staffs three paramedic rescues with a total of six firefighter/paramedics and one Ambulance with two EMTs.

Technical Rescue

The Department provides vehicle accident response, natural disaster response, swift water rescue, confined space rescue, low and high angle rope rescue, and structural collapse rescue. All firefighters are trained in technical rescue response skills.

Hazardous Materials

The Department responds to a variety of hazardous materials issues. Some common issues are reports of hazardous materials dumping, carbon monoxide incidents and gas leaks.


There are five primary response unit types that the Department employs during emergencies. Learn more about our response units.

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Learn more about employment and volunteer opportunities with the Culver City Fire Department. Explore employment and volunteer opportunities. 

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