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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The CERT Program is designed to train residents to assist safety personnel and City staff in the event of a major disaster. Volunteers from the community are trained in first aid, light search and rescue, minor fire suppression, and other skills that are critical in the first few hours of a disaster. 
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CCARES was formed by a group of ham radio operators who wanted to give back something to their community. Through amateur radio we serve as extra eyes and ears for the Culver City Fire Department. This has been made possible by the tremendous support from both the Fire Department and the City Government. Our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has been built in Fire Station 1. 
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Annual Community-Wide Disaster Drill Day

If a large scale disaster were to strike Culver City would you know what to do? If you were to told to evacuate, would you know where to go? What if you had to shelter-in-place, do you have enough food and water for your family? Creating a Family Disaster Plan and practicing it can help family members make informed, rational decisions in times of high stress. 
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Citizens Police Academy

The Culver City Police Department Citizens Police Academy is a program designed to educate residents and local citizens on the various aspects of law enforcement. It is for those interested in learning more about how the Culver City Police Department functions and operates. 
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