Connected Communities Resilience Program

The City of Culver City and community stakeholders participated in a seven session community resilience project over the course of five months in 2022 led by the Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society.  The purpose of the project was to learn about a framework that emphasizes the importance of connections and coordination to create the ability for communities to act together to gain resilience while responding to various disasters—specifically, earthquakes.

Stakeholders—composed of non-profits, local businesses, utility companies, city staff and residents—created a community disaster response framework using the template/model they learned through the project. As a result, they are now able to share the framework with other local organizations, businesses, and neighbors to continue to build their network or framework of community resources and connections to further disaster resilience goals and objectives.

The Community Resilience Framework Template(PDF, 398KB)  is now available to all Culver City community members for use and implementation. The intent is to create and identify your network of community resources before disaster strikes. Ideally, you would meet with other stakeholders to complete the framework together.  You may be able to identify resources for needs where you have gaps and then you share the framework. Once completed, commit to meeting regularly with other stakeholders to review and update the framework.