2024-2029 Community Driven Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan(PDF, 3MB), with its foundation based in the community and membership input, revisits the agency's pillars (Mission, Values and Vision) and sets forth a continuous improvement plan that offers a road map for a justifiable and sustainable future.

2024 Community Risk Assessment and Standards of Cover

The 2024 Community Risk Assessment and Standards of Cover(PDF, 4MB) is a tool through which the CCFD assesses the community’s fire and non-fire risk, defines emergency response performance standards, determines apparatus and staffing patterns, evaluates workload and ideal unit utilization, measures service delivery performance, supports strategic planning and policy development, and establishes community level service objectives.


2019 Accreditation Report

2019 Accreditation Report

The Accreditation Report(PDF, 441KB) is a summary written by peer assessors for the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI). Its contents validate the CCFD’s self-assessment study, identify and make recommendations for improvement, issue a report of findings, and conclude if the CCFD is eligible for an award of accreditation.